OrcaTorch C4 Smart Li-ion/NiMH Battery Charger

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The OrcaTorch C4 is an advanced multi-charger, compatible with a broad spectrum of Li-ion and NIMH rechargeable batteries in different cell sizes. It is capable of charging four different batteries at once while the LCD display keeps you informed of voltage and charging status. With the included car adaptor, you can charge your batteries on the go.

The C4 supports Lithium-ion cells in 18650, 16340, 14500 and 26650 sizes, and Ni-MH batteries in AAA, AA and C-cell sizes.

The charger has an Australian-approved 100V-240V
AC input or it can be used on a 12V-24V DC supply.

An AU 240V mains lead and car cigarette-lighter
adapter are included.

  • Weight: 275g
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Output voltage/max current: 1.5V @ 4 x 500mA
  • Output voltage/max current: 4.2V @ 4 x 1000mA
  • Input voltage/current: AC 100V-240V @ 500mA Max
  • Input voltage/current: DC 12.0V-24.0V @ 2000mA Max
  • Electrical safety approval: N30735 TUV15737EA
  • Dimensions: 156mm x 99.5mm x 37mm

Lithium-ion safety notes:
    1. Lithium-ion batteries can vent - resulting in flame - if charged, discharged or used incorrectly.
    2. You should only use a charger specifically designed for charging lithium-ion batteries. Monitor the cell temperature during charging.
    3. We recommend that you remove the battery from the charger bay as soon as the charging cycle is complete.
    4. Do not mix new/old or different battery types in a single application.

More information at the manufacturer's website www.orcatorch.com

  • Model: CHRG9ORCAC4
  • Ship Weight: 500g
  • 2In Stock: Yes
  • Manufacturer: OrcaTorch